We battled and scrapped for all four quarters

Friday night was probably the toughest loss I have ever had in close to 40 years of coaching. It was really hard on the team as well as the coaches. Although we did not play as well as we have in prior games this season, we battled and scrapped for all four quarters. Behind most of the game, we found ourselves with just over two minutes to play. The Cats trailed 35-30, but had the ball inside the one yard line with only second down.

The boys would have had three chances to make success of one foot. However, we fumbled the exchange and never got the chance. We ended up losing 35-30 and stacked against the records of other teams in the league, we fell out of first place. It has been a very tough seven week stretch this season. We have played six of seven games against some very good teams. Four of the last six games have come down to the last two minutes of the game. We are beat up, and down, but not out. Now the coaches must find a way to get the boys back up.

We will remind the team that what one plays for- is the love of the game. A chance to play football is only extended to a very few. We have three games left, and hopefully three more playoff games after that. We are dedicated to winning all six, and hopefully this will ease the pain of losing a football game -that we could have won.

I know many will disagree with me, but losing truly teaches you only one thing; that you never want to feel like that again. This Friday, we host Los Altos. It is also homecoming. Hope you will come out and support the team.

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