The Los Gatos Wildcats Homecoming Game is Friday night at Helm Field against Los Altos

Friday night at 7:30 Los Gatos will host the Los Altos Eagles. Homecoming is here and the Cats are ready to do their part in celebrating the annual school function. Our part is giving the team, school and community a successful football game.The Los Altos team is struggling and sports a record of 1-6.

Our hope for Friday night is to let a lot of players get some game experience. With our schedule and league it is very tough to get second and third team players much playing time. We hope that with a solid game plan we can get all 44 players not just in the game but significant playing time. We hope every player can have a good experience and show their worth in front of what we hope is a strong student support section.

Many of these players have put in lots of practice time and deserve a chance to show what they can do when given their shot.
The first teamers will still get some time in, but our hope is to see what some of the younger players can do.
It is hard practicing every week against the first team, but not getting a chance to play on Friday night except for one or two plays maybe on some special teams.

Please come out and support all the players and see the magnificent team and school celebrate homecomecoming with us.
Thanks for all the support,
Coach Cattolico

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