The Highly Ranked Compete

Friday night we open at the new stadium against a tough Mitty team. Mitty is ranked very high by numerous polls, but so are the Cats. Mitty has the speed advantage, and although player size is fairly close, they have a couple of players bigger than anyone on our team. Mitty will run a version of the old Wing “T offense” with a lot of traps and options using their dangerous speed to the outside. They will pass when they have to but probably not as well as we can. The real battle will be fought in the trenches, as it usually is, and we must be able to beat them off the ball. We will have to work harder to get the ball down the field, as we do not have that breakaway speed that Mitty has. Another key to this game is our secondary, they will need to tackle well to stop the big play. It should be a really good high school football game, so I hope you can make it out to to see the new version of the 2012 Cats, and the refurbished version of Helm Field. Thanks for all the support and I look forward to seeing how good we can be with an initial test against one of the top teams.

Coach Cattolico

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