San Mateo Scrimmage

A scrimmage, in my mind, has two components:

First: To see how your players react to someone different playing over them.  They practice against players they know well all preseason, and now it is time to see how they handle an unknown opponent.

Second: Find out how good your first unit really is. Once you have chosen a first team, you start to realize that they practice against the second team all week, and in the end, they are going to look pretty good because they are the group that is… at least in your opinion, more talented than the players on the other side of the ball.

Now in a scrimmage, they may or may not be as good as the players on the other side. How they react to this can tell you a lot about a team. Of course the most important item in a scrimmage or a game is how we play together as a team.  Remember, the BEST players do not always make the BEST team, but the BEST TEAM always wins.  Football is a team game, not an individual game, so a lot of evaluation goes into the scrimmage and what will make us the best team possible.

The good thing about scrimmaging San Mateo is that they play an offense and defense very similiar to our own, so new preparation is not really  necessary, this will allow us to concentrate on how individuals handle the challenge of playing against different players other than their buddies on our Wildcat team.

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