Special High School Tribute Video


All the memories from your high school football career edited into a tribute video. We will work with you to combine photos, video and highlight plays to produce this wonderful keepsake. This makes a great Christmas or graduation gift.

Sample Tribute Video.


Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll make sure you have access to the games in Hudl.com.
  2. You review and select the plays from each game that you want to include in your tribute video.
  3. Give us any other video, photos, awards, or news articles that you want to include.
  4. Select any music or songs that you want to include.
  5. We will edit and post an HD video for you to review and we’ll make any revisions that you request.
  6. Once your video is complete, you will receive HD digital copy and a SD DVD version.


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Yes, you certainly can! If you have the time, and know how to use the Hudl editor, you can create your own highlights.
There are some important differences however when you create your own in Hudl.com.
1. You can only create SD 480p in Hudl.com not HD. We produce highlights in 720p HD.
2. You can only post highlights created in Hudl.com on Hudl.com, not on any other website. You can download and post the highlights we create anywhere, and we include YouTube and Vimeo at no extra cost.

No, we do not create highlights in Hudl.com because of some system restraints in Hudl, and Hudl will not allow us to post highlights created outside of Hudl on their website.

With the Basic Package you do the work of reviewing and selecting plays for your highlights. With the Premium Package, we do all the work for you. We review and log the highlights, and we reorder each week, so your best plays show at the beginning of your reel.

We can have each game finished within a day after receiving your play selections.

Yes, we can select the plays for you. In our Premium Package we do all the work, select the best plays, do all he editing, and even re-order plays with all the best plays from the season up front. This is great for college recruiters that will only watch a few minutes of a highlight reel.

The highlights from each game are digital download only. At the end of the season you can choose to have a USB drive with the HD version or a SD version on a DVD (Playable on Set-top DVD Players), of the compiled season highlights mailed to your home.