No Joy in Mudville, or at St. Francis

It is always hard to write about losing. This group of players really have pushed themselves to their limits. We are a team without any D1 scholarship players, so everyone must all play up to thier potential to beat a team like St. Francis . Unfortunatley, as a team we failed to do that last week. When the game was about 11 on 11 we played even, but when it came down to a 1 on 1 situation, St. Francis was able to win those battles, and that was the difference in the game.

We had very similar statistics for the game. The difference was that they made the big plays and we did not. The team took it very hard, and the bus ride home was one of the longest and quietest I have ever been involved in as a coach. Now we need to get their confidence back and move on as we play a very good Salinas team next week, and start league play a week later.

This was an extremely tough loss, but we will get passed it through hard work and the understanding that we all need to put in our maximum effort. “There is no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out. Hopefully joy and winning will return next Friday at home as we face Salinas.

Coach Cattolico


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