No Celebration for a Tie

I suppose when you have been a successful football team for such a long time, it is sometimes hard to accept that maybe this is not the case for this year. We tied Salinas Friday night 14-14 and although we had a short missed field goal attempt to pull out a win with 25 seconds to go, we were out played and out coached most of the night.

All of their scoring came off of mistakes by our team. We made too many mistakes both mental and physical to win this game. This doesn’t mean we are giving up on this team. On the contrary, I still believe we can be a good team, but time is running out. Friday night Salinas was ecstatic about a tie. Our team was crushed because we did not win. Our expectations are very high and very tough on the players, but I believe that is a good thing.

This Friday night we will give it another try as we host Milpitas. It is a battle of two defending CCS champions, and I hope our boys execute all phases of the game much better. As John Mackay a legendary coach at USC once said when asked how he felt about his teams execution: “ I am in favor of it”, but for the Cats we just look forward to better and better execution on the field.

Thanks for all the support, Coach Cattolico

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