New Name

Well, the season ended Saturday night ina wet and disappointing 13-12 loss to Willow Glen.We actually had two chances to win this game, but were unable to take advantage. First, a missed two point conversion opportunity with 4:00 minutes left, and then we had the ball on the Willow Glen 25 following an interception, but were unable score.

Three fumbles in the first half put us in a bad situation and set up two Willow Glens touchdowns, so we were forced to play catch up the remainder of the game.The team and coaches feel bad that we could not give the school and the community a game on Thanksgiving Day, but we just seemed unable to pull this one out when we had a chance.

This seemed to be a common thread this season as in two of our losses and the tie, we had the ball late in the game in position to win but just could not execute.It will be a goal next year to finish games when we have the opportunity by improving how we practice, and having better team discipline.

Thanks for the support this year, Coach Cattolico

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