Life During a Bye Week

Life during a Bye WeekBye weeks are an interesting part of a season. It’s a time to certainly continue to work on the fundamentals, blocking, tackling, etc, but it’s also a time to get people healthy by giving some needed time off.

The challenge always lies with which way to go, “back off and heal” or “pedal to the metal” knowing there is no game. Our approach this past week was somewhere in the middle. While we did rest certain players to allow them to get healthy, but we also pushed the team very hard for three days working on the mentioned fundamentals. In the end, it was a good, productive week.

We appear to be healthy for this week, and look forward to getting a couple of players back in the next couple of weeks.

The one other factor, when dealing with a bye week, is momentum. Having come off a nice win, it would be great to get right back out there the next week to continue to build that momentum. Worst-case scenario is a tough loss before the bye week. That week off can seem like 4 weeks, but fortunately our team didn’t have to go there.

Our next opponent is the Santa Clara Bruins. This is our league opener, and a very important game for the Cats. We have some good momentum going into the game, and we want to build on it! As many know, it’s also the school that I coached at the last three seasons. There are some great kids at Santa Clara, ones that I hated to leave, but this is 2013 and we’re “Full Throttle” ahead. The Bruins are running a new offense that resembles the fast paced offense of the Oregon Ducks. They are “no huddle”, rapid fire with their play calling. But, don’t be fooled, they are a running football team. Their MVP is four-year varsity running back Adam Garza. He is the point person of the offense. If we can stop Adam as an option, things get a bit tough for the Bruins.

On offense, our strategy will be consistent with our last game. We are going to try to establish the power running game, and then go to the play action passing game. Our offensive line play is improving each week, as they, as a group, are starting to accumulate some game time together! They are becoming a strength of our team!

Friday night we, as a school, will be honoring Breast Cancer Awareness at the game, and specifically honoring Chris Brienzo, long time Cat parent and supporter. It should be a nice tribute to Chris and the effort toward fighting Breast Cancer

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