It was a good day to be a Cat…a Wildcat anyway

Well, the season finally started yesterday afternoon with a scrimmage at San Mateo High School.It was a good day to be a Cat… a Wildcat not a Bearcat, just what is a Bearcat anyway? We ran 45 plays on offense and 45 plays on defense scoring seven touchdowns while holding San Mateo out of the end zone all afternoon.

Everyone got a chance to play and most played very well. Garret Zeiter and Shane Smith led the Wildcat rushing attack. Garret ran for 120 yards in 8 carries and had two TD’s, while Shane rushed for 75 yards in only 3 carries that included a 54-yard scoring run. In all, nine players carried the ball and all had positive yardage.

We had eight receivers grabbing aerials from three quarterbacks who were 12 of 16 passing for 324 yards and a touchdown. Sophomore Nick Bawden was outstanding going 7 for 7 and throwing a touchdown. Bryan Rose completed 5 passes for 160 yards, and Eric Becker also completed a pass for 8 yards. Teddy Enfantino had a 42 yd. touchdown run and caught a 32 yard pass to set up a second touchdown.

Kyle Kevorkian had a big day with a 22 yard run for a TD and a 38 yard catch and run for another Cat touchdown. Max Herman had three carries for 28 yards. Tyler Perkins, Will Le, and Nick Bawden all carried the ball for positive yards. Matt Etterman caught 2 passes out of the backfield and scored a TD. Jake Bevins had 2 catches for 37 yards, and Cameron Perry led the way with 3 receptions for 78 yards. Teva Brender caught a pass for 68 yards, and Max Friday had a sensational one-handed 18 yard catch, with Logan Chapman catching two passes of his own for 27 yards. Chuck Sullivan was a force on both sides of the ball and led the offensive line to a great afternoon.

Other line standouts included Zac Janovich, Alex Randolph, Nico Aimonetti, Dave Fishman, Kevin Tjon, Sean Nieman, Lucas Garneau, Brendan Williams, Ricky Turnwall, Kenny Scherer and Tim Gottlieb. Shane Smith and Chuck Sullivan led the way on defense with a smothering effort that yielded only 30 yards on San Mateo’s first 15 plays from scrimmage. Arman Alam had a big day with a QB sack and a fumble recovery. Jimmy Eisner, Perkins, Alonso, Bailey McNally, Jack Tittle, Max Herman, Zaia Jillo, Ty Doughty, Brent McCoy,Connor McKeen, Yenlin Lee, Mike Mahoney, and James Sena all played well on defense in preserving the shutout.

The first team actually played a little less than expected as we took an opportunity to look at younger players who might help us this season. Even Mikkel Lauritzen, one of our foreign exchange students got to play a couple of plays in his first game ever on a US football field.

Thanks for all the support, Coach Cattolico

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