It Seems Like Yesterday

Well, it seems like yesterday when it was Thursday, January 31st, 2013. That was the day I was introduced to the players and parents of Los Gatos High School. It was a great day for me personally, as I was beginning the greatest challenge of my coaching career. I was hit with some great questions that day from the players and the parents alike. When the night was done, I felt a great sense of relief and a very positive feeling. It was now time to go to work!

I ended the players meeting with the number 218. That was the number of days that we had before our first game together as the 2013 Wildcat Football Team. As a group we have watched that number tick down as the spring and summer passed. Many days and hours of hard work and sacrifice by the players as they have prepared for the 2013 season.

Here am I now, on the eve of “Camp”. Not exactly sure what to expect, but very excited to be a part of this long standing tradition at Los Gatos High School. The players and coaches are more than ready to “get this going”. I’ve been told it’s like “3 days of Christmas” by one of the players. Whatever happens, I am completely blown away by the hard work and tremendous spirit that the LG Football parents have put into “Camp”. We, the players and coaches, are tremendously lucky to have such a supportive group of parents that are really making sure our experience is one for the ages.

The number is now down to 23, and we’re rapidly approaching that night of September 6th, 2013, our first game together as 2013 Wildcats. Our goal is to practice each day like champions, and to let it rip on Friday nights! We’re almost there…

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