First Test of 2012

The Wildcats opened the competitive season with a scrimmage vs. San Mateo High School.  The first teamers each ran 15 plays of offense and 15 of defense, then the second and third teams ran 15 and 15 as well and finally the starters returned for 10 more on either side of the ball.
The Cats score five times while holding San Mateo to no scores.  The starters scored four times while the reserves added one more score.  Leading the way for Los Gatos were seniors Max Herman and Matt Etterman each carrying the ball 4 times for 32 yards while Will Le added 19 yards in 3 carries.  Junior Quarterback Nick Bawden was 6 of ten for 135 yards and 2 tds.  Kyle Kevorkian led the way with 3 catches for 73 yards, while Logan Chapman had 2 catches for 32 and Cameron Perry added a td catch for 28 yards.
Sophomore Joey Wood had the run of the night with the reserves going 65 yards for a td and Junior Johnny Breidenthal had 5 carries for 33 yds.  CJ Butcher had a run for 33 yds, Brent McCoy had a 15 yard gallop and Cameron Ackerman added an 18 yard run.  All together the Cats ran for 283 yards.  Senior Greg Schwager was 2 for 4 for 15 yards with James Sena and Breidenthal receiving his passes.  
Up front strong performances were put in by Nico Aimonetti, Kevin Tjon, Dave Fishman, Ricky Turnwall, Alex Randolph, Brendan Williams and Zack Wiley.  TE Teva Brender and Fullback Tyler Perkins also blocked well.
On defense Perkins had an interception and led the way with help from Herman, Le, Aimonetti, Turnwall, Chris Gonzalez, Tjon, Williams, Bailey McNally, McCoy, Kevorkian, Sena, Brender, Wiley, Yenlin Lee, Ty Doughty, Myles Morrison, Wood, Cody Marshall, and Ackerman.  
The Cats got a lot of experience and improved throughout the night but a much stiffer challenge is expected this Friday night vs a very highly ranked and talented Mitty team.

A big thank you goes out to Allen Rudolph who ran the scoreboard and kept track of the number of plays which always seems to be a mystery during scrimmages.

More about Mitty later in the week.  

Coach Cattolico

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