Cats settle for tie in league opener, but win tie breaker

We had to settle for a tie this weekend against a good Wilcox Team. I knew going in, that the biggest problem the coaching staff would have was to convince the team that even though Wilcox was 1-2 on the season, they are still a very good team. It took the first half before the team believed, and they finally began to play really well, but not quite well enough to overcome the situation in which they had put themselves.

The game ended in a 20-20 tie, when Wilcox scored on a fourth down play with 50 seconds left in the game. In our league, the rules state that you play overtime to determine playoff positioning, but the game is noted as a tie in the standings. To the team’s credit, we played really hard in overtime and pulled it out 27-26. Although it certainly could have been be worse, the tie does not leave us in the best position, but we can still control our own destiny. There are six league games remaining to play, and we will have the edge in any tie with Wilcox because we won the overtime, but we have no room for any missteps.

We play Mtn. View Friday night at home, and they are a very talented football team that is fired up after winning their league opener against previously undefeated Milpitas. One consolation coming out of this weekend is only one team in our league remains unbeaten, and we are that team. We will now see how the boys handle the pressure the rest of the way.

Thanks for the support, Coach Cattolico

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