Cats open at Menlo-Atherton, day game

I would like to hype this match up to generate excitement for the opener, but I don’t think that’s possible. The wildcats handled the Bears with ease and I predict the same this year. It is high school football however, and it is the first game of the season.

Menlo could have beefed up there team to give them a fighting chance against the Cats, or maybe the Cats will be looking past the Bears to the Lancers who have had their number for several years. Any or all of this could happen, but I doubt it.

Los Gatos is a better team than Menlo, and Cattolico will make sure that his team isn’t looking anywhere but at the Bears. He’ll no doubt point out that the first game is the most important and it sets the tone for the whole season, or that they need to be hitting on all cylinders as they face a stretch of very good teams starting the very next week at St. Francis.

None of this will matter, as the Cats should beat the Bears unless they totally collapse, and I haven’t seen that happen since the game against the Lancers when Cattolico missed his first game ever due to a medical issue.

No, the Cats will beat the Bears, and then travel to St. Francis where they will meet a formidable opponent, and what will be the outcome of that match-up? I’ll let you know after they beat the Bears.

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