Cats Dominate Falcons, Next Up Wilcox

The cross town rivalry continues but Saratoga will need to wait another year in hopes of beating Los Gatos. The Cats defense was so dominate, that the Falcons didn’t score until the last minute of the game when #13 William Liddle hit a 26 Yd pass to #21 Jordan Vogel for a TD, but a sign of the evening, they missed the PAT.

Aviv Brender started the scoring for Los Gatos with a 4 Yd run to the end zone, as the Cats would return 5 more times on the night with scores by Quinn Spiteri, Ryan Gault, Miles Beach, Joey Wood, and Nick Stojanovich. Walker Sedgwick was perfect on PAT’s for the night.

Dru Brown had a great night passing and was 12 of 15 for 156 yards and TD, he finished with a QB rating of 134. Other offensive standouts were Joey Wood who average over 5 yards a carry and led the Cats on the ground with 43 yards, and Ryan Gault who had a 26 yard run for a touchdown. Nick Occhipinti led in receiving yards with 53,  while Matt Wilcox, Dylan Plane, and Miles Beach also contributed in the aerial assault. 

The Los Gatos defense was fired up and just missed a shutout of the Falcons in the last minute of the game. Jake Holton led the defense in tackles with Quinn Spiteri, and Mitchell Schwager following close behind. The defensive line hurried Liddle all night long and kept the Falcons from mounting any threat until late in the fourth quarter.

The Cats now turn their attention to the Wilcox Chargers who are 6-3 on the season, and would very much like to end the Cat’s regular season with a loss in front of the Chargers home crowd. Los Gatos wants to finish strong going into the playoffs and looks to disappoint Wilcox with a win in Santa Clara.

The records never seem to matter much in the this match up, as Wilcox and Los Gatos have always played each other very tough, and we should expect the same next Friday night at Wilcox.  

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