The Los Gatos Wildcats Homecoming Game is Friday night at Helm Field against Los Altos

Friday night at 7:30 Los Gatos will host the Los Altos Eagles. Homecoming is here and the Cats are ready to do their part in celebrating the annual school function. Our part is giving the team, school and community a successful football game.The Los Altos team is struggling and sports a record of 1-6.

Our hope for Friday night is to let a lot of players get some game experience. With our schedule and league it is very tough to get second and third team players much playing time. We hope that with a solid game plan we can get all 44 players not just in the game but significant playing time. We hope every player can have a good experience and show their worth in front of what we hope is a strong student support section.

Many of these players have put in lots of practice time and deserve a chance to show what they can do when given their shot.
The first teamers will still get some time in, but our hope is to see what some of the younger players can do.
It is hard practicing every week against the first team, but not getting a chance to play on Friday night except for one or two plays maybe on some special teams.

Please come out and support all the players and see the magnificent team and school celebrate homecomecoming with us.
Thanks for all the support,
Coach Cattolico

We battled and scrapped for all four quarters

Friday night was probably the toughest loss I have ever had in close to 40 years of coaching. It was really hard on the team as well as the coaches. Although we did not play as well as we have in prior games this season, we battled and scrapped for all four quarters. Behind most of the game, we found ourselves with just over two minutes to play. The Cats trailed 35-30, but had the ball inside the one yard line with only second down.

The boys would have had three chances to make success of one foot. However, we fumbled the exchange and never got the chance. We ended up losing 35-30 and stacked against the records of other teams in the league, we fell out of first place. It has been a very tough seven week stretch this season. We have played six of seven games against some very good teams. Four of the last six games have come down to the last two minutes of the game. We are beat up, and down, but not out. Now the coaches must find a way to get the boys back up.

We will remind the team that what one plays for- is the love of the game. A chance to play football is only extended to a very few. We have three games left, and hopefully three more playoff games after that. We are dedicated to winning all six, and hopefully this will ease the pain of losing a football game -that we could have won.

I know many will disagree with me, but losing truly teaches you only one thing; that you never want to feel like that again. This Friday, we host Los Altos. It is also homecoming. Hope you will come out and support the team.

Friday night the Cats travel to Milpitas to take on the 5-1-0 Trojans

Friday night at 7:30 Los Gatos will travel to Milpitas High School to play the Trojans of Milpitas. Milpitas is 5-1-0 overall and 2-1-0 in league play. The Trojans are currently in a 4-way tie for second, and just half a game behind the Cats with a 2-0-1 league record.

Milpitas has been a very strong team this year. The Trojans beat Wilcox, the team who tied with Los Gatos earlier in the season, but also lost to Mountain View, by playing one bad half.

This Friday, it really depends on which “team” shows up- for both teams. In short, the team that is most prepared and ready to play should win this one.

The Cats are coming off last weekend’s emotional win over Palo Alto, and must take the Trojans seriously if they are to maintain first place in the league.

It should be another tough game for the Cats, in a very tough league.
If you can make it out to Milpitas you will get another chance to see some great high school football.
Thanks for all the support,
Coach Cattolico

Friday night a great high school football game took place at Helm Field

Logan Chapman kicked a field goal with 20 seconds left in the game for the win and sole possession of first place in the very tough De Anza League. Nothing but bad luck early in the game for the Cats as Palo Alto got the ball deep in Los Gatos territory twice, once after an interception and another after a fumble. Fortunately, the defense did a tremendous job limiting the Vikings to a total of seven points for both possessions.

The offense finally got untracked with a 45 yd. touch-down run by Garret Zeiter and the score was tied at 7. Then the Cats drove the ball all the way to the ten yard line before another fumble ended a scoring opportunity. In the second half things started to go our way, with big runs from Shane Smith and Zeiter putting Los Gatos ahead 14-7. Palo Alto fought back in the fourth quarter and tied the game at 14. Then the Cats caught the biggest break of the game. Forced to punt with just over a minute to play, Palo Alto ran into punter Kevin Tjon resulting in a first down for the Cats. QB Bryan Rose hit Jake Bevins behind the Viking secondary and the Cats where in business inside the Palo Alto 20 yard line.

Three run plays by Zeiter ran the clock down to 20 seconds. From 23 yards out, Kevin Tjon snapped the ball to Bryan Rose who put it on the tee for Logan Chapman who kicked the game winner. It was a thrilling win for the team, and hopefully one that they will not soon forget. Many players contributed to the win that was truly a great team effort. Let’s all hope the boys keep things in perspective, and focus on the game with Milpitas, as this will be a very tough game. Things never seem to get easier, but winning a big game makes everyone feel a whole lot better about where we’re headed.

Thanks for the support, Coach Cattolico

First place in the De Anza league at stake Friday night at Helm Field

Friday night the Cats will host Palo Alto at Helm Field in a game for first place in the De Anza League. The winner of this game will certainly have a leg up on everyone toward the title in one of the toughest and most competitive leagues in CCS.

Both teams come in with outstanding records, and the Vikings are the defending league and State Champions. The two teams have very similar records, and offensively they both average over 33 points per game. Los Gatos has a slight edge defensively allowing only 11 points per game while Palo Alto has allowed 17.

The Vikings had a big win over Wilcox while the Cats settled for a tie, although they won the overtime tie breaker. Palo Alto has been a big play team, using their team speed for long touchdown strikes, while Los Gatos is a team that will grind it out with a powerful running attack.

If the Cats can limit the Vikings big plays they have a chance to pull off the upset. It looks to be a great high school football match-up Friday night, with first place in the De Anza League at stake.
Thanks for all the support,
Coach Cattolico

Cats hold Spartans to two points

Led by a smothering defense, with the usual running attack, and a much improved passing game, the Cats beat a fairly good Mountain View team 40-2.

Garret Zeiter has over 200 yards for the fourth week in a row, but got lots of help on offense this week from QB Bryan Rose, and his receiving corps of Teddy Enfantino, Jake Bevans and Max Friday. Three TD passes in the first half -two to Teddy Enfantino, and one to Friday gave the Cats a 21-2 lead. The defense meanwhile was holding Mountain View’s usually high scoring offense to minus 2 yards on the ground and very few yards in the air.

The defense was led by Shane Smith, Chuck Sullivan, Tyler Perkins, Sean Niemann, Arman Alam, Max Herman, Kyle Kevorkian, Teddy Enfantino, Brent McCoy, Jake Bevans, Jimmy Eisner and Jack Tittle. On offense Max Herman had a good night running the ball as did Smith, Matt Etterman and Kyle Kevorkian. Greg Schwager completed a pass to Logan Chapman as well.

The team really showed what it can do, after a very focused week of practice. This week, we expect to maintain that focus, and continue to hone our skills on all facets of the game.

This will be a very important week for us, as the only two teams in the De Anza Division without a loss in league play, go head to head Friday night at Helm Field. It will be Palo Alto vs. Los Gatos for first place in the league. Palo Alto beat Wilcox last week 42-13, so it will take a great game on the part of the Cats to compete at their level. Hope you can make the game Friday night..

Thanks for the support, Coach Cattolico

One team, one mission, one purpose…Cats return to Helm Field Friday

After 4 of our first 5 contests on the road, the team is itching to return home to Helm Field this Friday.
For Los Gatos this will prove to be a very big game.

Our only play at home thus far was an outstanding victory over Oak Grove. The Cats will play the Mountain View Spartans in a pivotal match-up Friday night at 7:30. Last week the Spartans upset Milpitas, and are 3 -1 on the season.

On the heels of last week’s disappointing tie at Wilcox, the team is looking forward to proving they are back on track.
The boys are well aware now, that this takes focus and better practices and have responded with some of the best practice time this season.

A win this Friday moves us one game closer to our goal of winning a championship, and by coming out on top in overtime last week the Cats know they hold an edge over Wilcox. They also know that they must get back on the winning track to make that worth something.

Hope you can make the game as it is a big one for the team.
Thanks for all the support,
Coach Cattolico

Cats settle for tie in league opener, but win tie breaker

We had to settle for a tie this weekend against a good Wilcox Team. I knew going in, that the biggest problem the coaching staff would have was to convince the team that even though Wilcox was 1-2 on the season, they are still a very good team. It took the first half before the team believed, and they finally began to play really well, but not quite well enough to overcome the situation in which they had put themselves.

The game ended in a 20-20 tie, when Wilcox scored on a fourth down play with 50 seconds left in the game. In our league, the rules state that you play overtime to determine playoff positioning, but the game is noted as a tie in the standings. To the team’s credit, we played really hard in overtime and pulled it out 27-26. Although it certainly could have been be worse, the tie does not leave us in the best position, but we can still control our own destiny. There are six league games remaining to play, and we will have the edge in any tie with Wilcox because we won the overtime, but we have no room for any missteps.

We play Mtn. View Friday night at home, and they are a very talented football team that is fired up after winning their league opener against previously undefeated Milpitas. One consolation coming out of this weekend is only one team in our league remains unbeaten, and we are that team. We will now see how the boys handle the pressure the rest of the way.

Thanks for the support, Coach Cattolico