The Cats look to take charge of the Chargers

Los Gatos travels to Wilcox for a Friday night league opener against the Chargers at 7:30.
These are two quality teams that have been playing each other since long before they were put in the same league.
There is a lot of pride on the part of both teams, about who comes out on top.

For the Chargers who have gotten off to a bad start, this match-up could be a big win.
The Cats have started off well with a 3-0 record in preleague play, so this is a crucial win for the Wildcats if they hope to reach the goals that they have set for themselves this year.

It should be a hard fought battle and the winner will take a big step toward a possible De Anza league title.
Hope you can make the game and thanks for the support.

Thanks for all the support,
Coach Cattolico

This one was over quickly

Saturday afternoon the Cats traveled to Homestead High School’s beautiful new stadium to take on Monta Vista High School. The game was over quickly as the Cats scored on their 4th play from scrimmage and led 41-6 by the half.

Garret Zeiter had 235 yards rushing with three touchdowns. Shane Smith added two TD’s, and Bryan Rose threw a pass to Teddy Enfantino in the end zone to finish off the first half scoring.

The Cats reserves took over in the second half and played very well, outscoring the Matadors 20-0. Matt Etterman had 89 yards and 2 TD’s that included a 62-yard run. Max Herman ran for a touchdown and Greg Schwager completed his first varsity pass to Sophomore wide receiver Logan Chapman, his first varsity reception.

Every player got into the game. Both foreign exchange students, Mikkel Lauritzen and Tim Gottlieb, were both in on tackles. The Cats finished the preseason 3-0 and head into league play next Friday night at Wilcox High School when they take on the Chargers at 7:30.

Thanks for the support, Coach Cattolico

The Cats should be bullish against the Matadors

The Cats travel to Homestead’s new field for their second Saturday game of the season at 1:00 vs. the Monta Vista Matadors.
Monta Vista comes in at 2 – 1 after putting up 41 and 50 points in their first two games, but struggling last week in their first loss of the season.

There is always a concern of a let down after a big win, and we certainly had a big win last week over Oak Grove. This is the last tune up game before the beginning of league play and should be a good game for both our teams as we prepare for the more important league contests in the remainder of the season.

Let’s hope that the Cats keep their heads on straight and continue to play with heart and desire. If we can keep up the intensity and focus, we hope to come home with another win.
Hope you can make it to the game.

Thanks for all the support,
Coach Cattolico

Cats beat #2 CCS ranked Oak Grove 20-13 in home opener

The Cats really did it! They beat #2 CCS ranked Oak Grove 20-13 Friday night in their home opener at Helm Field. It was truly a thrilling game that came down to the wire for the two teams of very contrasting styles slugging it out to the last minute. With two minutes left to play, Shane Smith intercepted a pass on the 11-yard line; Garrett Zeiter gained six yards on third and five with a little over a minute to seal the deal. The Cats took a knee as Oak Grove had no time out remaining and the game was over.

The team had defeated Oak Grove 20-13 in a very inspirational performance. The Cats scored first but Oak Grove came right back to tie it up. Then Oak Grove scored just before the half to take a 13-7 lead into the half. The Cats came roaring back and forced a fumble on the first play of the second half. On the very next play, Zeiter rushed for a 25-yard touch down. The point after was blocked so the game was now knotted at thirteen. The defense held Oak Grove and gave the ball back to the offense that then got the ball back in the end zone with a run by Zeiter that proved to be the winning score. The PAT was good and the Cats had a 20-13 lead.

Kicking problems plagued the team (something that we will need to correct), and twice we gave the Eagles the ball in our end of the field in the fourth quarter with blown punts. Fortunately, our defense rose to the occasion and stopped the Eagles on both possessions. The team shut the Eagles out in the second half; a feat that I believe few teams will do this season, as Oak Grove is extremely explosive on offense with great team speed. I told the team before the game that the BEST TEAM would win this game and not the best group of individual players. Although both teams had outstanding performances from many players, i believe the team taht executed their game plan better won the game.

Los Gatos had many outstanding performances including Garret Zeiter’s three touchdowns and 225 yards rushing. Ther was also Shane Smith, who added 74 yards on the ground and lead the defense with 14 tackles and the big interception that halted an Eagle drive. All the players in the secondary, Jake Bevans, Kyle Kevorkian, Brent McCoy, Teddy Enfantino, Garrett Zeiter and Max Herman, were exceptional, holding the Eagles passing attack to only seven catches. Herman had two TD saving tackles in his 11 for the game, and Kevorkian had 10 starting his first varsity ga,e. Also playing well on defense where Chuck Sullivan, Sean Neimann, Jack Tittle, Zac Janovich, Arman Alam, Lucas Alonso, Tyler Perkins and of course Shane Smith.

The Cats played ball control offense and ran for 300 yards while keeping the potent Oak Grove offense off the field. The running backs had a great night with outstanding blocking from Chuck Sullivan, Kevin Tjon, Zac Janovich. Nico Aimonetti, Alex Randolph, Brendan Williams, Max Friday, Max Herman, and Teva Brender. Logan Chapman supplied the kick offs and made 2 PAT’s to help in the win. Hopefully, what the boys learned was that a team of players, each accepting and performing their role on every play could achieve wonderful things.

After the game, in the locker room, was one of the most joyous experiences I have ever witnessed, as the team danced a unique victory dance (I did not partake). This week we play Monta Visat at Homestead’s new field at 1:00pm on Saturday afternoon.

And so it begins…finally

It seemed like it would never arrive, but we finally played our first game of the season against Menlo-Atherton who had already played their first game of the season the week prior, and were victorious 27-14. It was a tough and very hard fought game, and we did very well. Although we led throughout the game, it was really close, and I never felt comfortable until there was less than two minutes remaining on the game clock.

We were able to take the ball away from Menlo Atherton five times, forcing four fumbles and one interception. Our offense was stellar keeping the ball as we did not turn it over the entire game. Garret Zeiter and Teddy Enfantino led the offense, each scoring twice. A great highlight was a 61 yard touchdown pass from Bryan Rose to Teddy Enfantino. Bryan also played extremely well and had a great game. Our leader on the defensive side of the ball was Shane Smith who had a team leading eleven tackles. Shane was also a major contributor on offense with some key rushes. Other standouts were Chuck Sullivan, Zac Janovich, Kevin Tjon, Jake Bevins, Max Friday, Max Herman, Sean Niemann, Arman Alam, Alex Randolph, Tyler Perkins, Jimmy Eisner, Kyle Kevorkian and Brent McCoy.

Logan Chapman had three extra points and kicked off very well. Kevin Tjon had the best punt I have ever seen in my 50 years of watching football. He had a magnificent seventy-two yard punt that traveled seventy-five yards in the air. I would have to say that all in all a good start for our team, but there is also a lot to clean up before next Friday’s home opener against a highly ranked and 2-0 Oak Grove football team. Thanks for the support, and I hope you can make it out to next week’s game. I’m hopeful it will be a good one.

Coach Cattolico

Cats look to open strong in 2011

Los Gatos will open against Menlo Atherton this coming Saturday at 2:00. The Cats faced the Bears last year and came away with a 35 – 3 victory. This year the Bears are coming in fresh off a 43 – 7 win over El Camino in their season opener. This should be a good warm-up for Los Gatos as they try not to look past Menlo to the Oak Grove Eagles who they will face in week two at Los Gatos High School. They need to have a great showing against the Bears to set the bar high for how they intend to perform this season.

The Cat’s are coming off a sub-par season last year, where they only had six wins, and a loss to cross-town rival Saratoga. Although they don’t face St. Francis this year, the schedule won’t be any easier as they will still face Oak Grove, Palo Alto, Homestead, and Milpitas. Coach Cattolico’s job will be to keep the team focused and ready to play a full four quarters against Menlo. After a good scrimmage against San Mateo, the Cats will be in good shape to come out strong against Menlo.

“The team looks good, but we’ll need to see how it goes once the season starts” said Cattolico. The Cat’s will depend heavily on Shane Smith, Garrett Zeiter, and Teddy Enfantino, three returning players that are expected to do very well this season. Road games are always hard, but the Cat’s will be favored against the Bears, and should come away with a win, as long as they don’t look too far ahead.

It was a good day to be a Cat…a Wildcat anyway

Well, the season finally started yesterday afternoon with a scrimmage at San Mateo High School.It was a good day to be a Cat… a Wildcat not a Bearcat, just what is a Bearcat anyway? We ran 45 plays on offense and 45 plays on defense scoring seven touchdowns while holding San Mateo out of the end zone all afternoon.

Everyone got a chance to play and most played very well. Garret Zeiter and Shane Smith led the Wildcat rushing attack. Garret ran for 120 yards in 8 carries and had two TD’s, while Shane rushed for 75 yards in only 3 carries that included a 54-yard scoring run. In all, nine players carried the ball and all had positive yardage.

We had eight receivers grabbing aerials from three quarterbacks who were 12 of 16 passing for 324 yards and a touchdown. Sophomore Nick Bawden was outstanding going 7 for 7 and throwing a touchdown. Bryan Rose completed 5 passes for 160 yards, and Eric Becker also completed a pass for 8 yards. Teddy Enfantino had a 42 yd. touchdown run and caught a 32 yard pass to set up a second touchdown.

Kyle Kevorkian had a big day with a 22 yard run for a TD and a 38 yard catch and run for another Cat touchdown. Max Herman had three carries for 28 yards. Tyler Perkins, Will Le, and Nick Bawden all carried the ball for positive yards. Matt Etterman caught 2 passes out of the backfield and scored a TD. Jake Bevins had 2 catches for 37 yards, and Cameron Perry led the way with 3 receptions for 78 yards. Teva Brender caught a pass for 68 yards, and Max Friday had a sensational one-handed 18 yard catch, with Logan Chapman catching two passes of his own for 27 yards. Chuck Sullivan was a force on both sides of the ball and led the offensive line to a great afternoon.

Other line standouts included Zac Janovich, Alex Randolph, Nico Aimonetti, Dave Fishman, Kevin Tjon, Sean Nieman, Lucas Garneau, Brendan Williams, Ricky Turnwall, Kenny Scherer and Tim Gottlieb. Shane Smith and Chuck Sullivan led the way on defense with a smothering effort that yielded only 30 yards on San Mateo’s first 15 plays from scrimmage. Arman Alam had a big day with a QB sack and a fumble recovery. Jimmy Eisner, Perkins, Alonso, Bailey McNally, Jack Tittle, Max Herman, Zaia Jillo, Ty Doughty, Brent McCoy,Connor McKeen, Yenlin Lee, Mike Mahoney, and James Sena all played well on defense in preserving the shutout.

The first team actually played a little less than expected as we took an opportunity to look at younger players who might help us this season. Even Mikkel Lauritzen, one of our foreign exchange students got to play a couple of plays in his first game ever on a US football field.

Thanks for all the support, Coach Cattolico