27 years of victory comes to a halt

Twenty-seven years of victory over Saratoga came crashing to a halt Friday night, when our last pass fell short of its mark and was intercepted in the endzone.Saratoga won 21-17.This team continues to battle even in defeat, and I continue to struggle with how I can make them better.

Friday night was a devastating loss for our players, but it had to happen at some point, it’s not like Los Gatos would go on beating Saratoga for eternity. It just seems that this is the team fate has chosen to endure misfortune.After the game I told the players that we could not quit or give up on ourselves, and I believe that they will not, but time will tell.

I asked our team what a group of Lions is called, and after a moment of thought and confusion as to why I would ask this question, someone finally came up with pride.Yes, pride, that, I told them is exactly what we will play for the remainder of the season.A group of Wildcats playing FOR pride and THE pride.

Thanks for your support,

Coach Cattolico

Cats’ Look Forward After Loss

I didn’t include any good commentary about our performance in this week’s article because there is nothing good about losing a game 42-0. It is really hard to have a game like this and It has never happened to us before. But if you are in this game long enough, you have an experience like the game we played against Palo Alto Friday night.

We played a better team and did not play well against them. It was a humiliating experience for our team , but we need to let this one go, move on and focus on the rest of the season. We have one goal right now, and that is to play better football. My job will be to raise spirits and restore confidence in every player we have on the team. Our season is not over and we still have goals and objects that we need to work to achieve.

This may have been a disappointing loss, but it teaches us that we have choices in life. We can choose to compete on a public stage out there in front of the crowd, overcome fear, and sometimes fail, or never put it on the line, play it safe with never a chance to succeed. It is always better to overcome your fear, and strive to succeed while you learn from your failures .

The boys really need support now, so any kind or encouraging words are greatly appreciated. Right now it is time to refocus on this week, this game, and this tradition, to beat Saratoga.

Thanks for the support, Coach Cattolico

Surprised and Delighted with Cats’ Performance

It is good to know that after 25+ years of being a head coach, I can still be surprised by a football team …in this case our team.

After a lackluster performance vs. Salinas, I was unsure if we would keep up with Milpitas on the field.  Not only did we keep up with Milpitas, we outplayed them, which resulted in 23-6 victory against an undefeated team, and great 1-0 start in the league.

As I told the team after the game, “Coaches do not win games… players do and this team went out and did just that”. The players’ performance and play was the best it’s been all year long.

Although Garret Zeiter had a tremendous game rushing for 260 yards, he did not accomplish this on his own. Offensive linemen, Taig McNulty, Blair Gardner, Ryan Bertrand, Chuck Sullivan, and Kevin Tjon all had an outstanding game, as did tight end Preston Rind and fullback Shane Smith.

Although a young quarterback, Hayden Hibberd called the best game of his life and was able connect with Luke Hollander for a big gain and a TD pass. And despite being injured, Andy Heimer added three field goals and two extra points.

Defensive player, Teddy Enfantino had three sacks. Gardner, McNulty and Rind all added one more. Shane Smith, once again, led the team in tackles, and recovered a fumble caused by McNulty.

Dionte Cook’s interception and big tackles from defensive backs, Andrew Tjon, Garret Zeiter, and Jake Bevans all held Milpitas.  Olivet’s endzone interception over a 6’4 receiver added for an outstanding game.  Ben Hopner had some big tackles on special teams.

It does not get any easier this weekend, as we travel to Wilcox for a Friday night game.  But it is still enjoyable to be amazed by the resiliency of youth and this particular football team.

I hope that they will continue to surprise and delight us all for the rest of the season with these kinds of performances.

Thanks for all the support,

Coach Cattolico